Rolling like a Ball

mm15Hola! Today is Day 5 for March MATness and we are rolling like a ball. Like Leg Circles yesterday, I think this is another deceptive looking exercise. To see someone do it, it looks like they are having fun rolling around on the mat. But on the contrary, it takes a lot of concentration and stabilization to do it correctly. While you roll back, you need to use your deep abdominal muscles to maintain the rounded position. This deep abdominal connection helps the muscles in your lower back stretch, which feels great! Now, to roll back up you still need to use those deep abdominals but you also need to use your breath to help get you back up and then….you balance at the top for a moment before you repeat the roll. It is a fun exercise to do and the work of it is truly beneficial.



  1. Kelly Crosby says

    One of my favorites! I showed this to a co-worker last week, actually, and told her I was in the best shape of my life when I was consistently going to your class.

    • Kara says

      Yes! Rolling like a ball is a good one! I remember you and Jana would always be right up front in class!

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