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Hey guys!

I’m so excited to share with you a fun, FREE, Pilates workout challenge….called the Summer Strength Series.

I love summer and all of the fun things that come with it. However, I find it so much harder to stay consistent with my workouts and clean eating when there are so many fun things to do, eat and drink!

The Summer Strength Series is designed to give you 2 weeks of consistent Pilates in your life. You might be wondering what only 2 weeks can possibly do for you. I’ll tell you right now! In 2 weeks you can:
* learn Pilates exercises
* build consistency
* boost your morale for sticking with and completing a challenge
* have an increase in energy
* you might find yourself sleeping better and making better food choices
AND you might end up being motivated to continue and do more!!

There’s no reason to not join the fun!



Here are the details:
Who: you + me + the awesome, motivating Eat Pray Pilates community
What: Here’s the challenge: complete 2 weeks of doing 1 or more Pilates exercise per day to build strength and consistency. Each day will build on the day before. For example, you will do a particular exercise on Day 1, then on Day 2 you will do the exercise from Day 1 plus a new exercise for Day 2.
When: July 6th-17th. Bonus: you get the weekends off!!! Each day the exercises will be posted on a private Facebook group by 6 am EST. You do the exercises on your own time throughout the day AND they can be done anywhere; in your living room, back yard, on a beach, while you are on vacation, so there are no excuses!
Why: Because we are all busy and we can (and should) commit to moving our bodies (even just a few minutes) every day. Because consistency builds change. Because small steps add up to big results.
Because it’s free!!

Take The Pilates Summer Strength Series For FREE!
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I challenge you to do a few Pilates exercises with me everyday for 2 weeks……ARE YOU IN?

Click the link below to sign up. We start July 6th!


  1. mary stenson says

    kara for some reason i am getting these on my phone and not my laptop. Did my kids do something? IDK? Can you re-send? I just did using my phone. Its always something. BTW Knees are better!

    • Kara says

      Hey Mary!
      I’m glad your knees are feeling better!
      What do you mean when you said you are getting these on your phone not your laptop? not sure what you want me to re-send.
      Everything for the Summer Strength Series is on Facebook, but if you need me to email you something, let me know!

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