My Fitness Resolutionfor 2015

I know New Year’s resolutions get a bad rap. We make them and by mid-February they are nothing but  a faint memory. January 1 the gym is packed and then the regular gym-goers breathe a sigh of relief when the resolution crowd disappears. But there ‘s something about the New Year and the chance to start fresh that appeals to me. I love reflecting on last year; what worked, what didn’t, what I accomplished, what I didn’t get to, what fun things I did and unfortunately the not-so-fun things that happened and deserve a moment of pause.

So, I started thinking about where I fell short this past year in regards to my fitness. I definitely went in spurts where I was working out and moving consistently and other times when it just didn’t happen. For the first time, I had great success with home workouts (thanks to my friend Keri at, but am missing my Pilates workouts since I am no longer working at a Pilates Studio since I had Jack.

And  then it hit me- you know when that happens- all of a sudden you realize something and it seems so obvious you’re not sure why you didn’t think of it before? Well that happened. Let me explain. I am just finishing up a Pilates Challenge called, “The Festive 4 Week Pilates  Challenge” and the goal is to stay consistent with some quick, at-home Pilates workouts over the busy holiday season. So I have been coaching a group just to do a little something most days, just to move their bodies- even when  they think they don’t have the time/energy to do it.

Hello????  Why don’t I do that? Practice what I preach! People always assume that because I am an instructor that I must workout ALL the time. But to be honest, it is just as hard for me to fit it in my day as anyone else. Sometimes by the end of the day teaching, you feel like you are already worked out!  So my New Year’s resolution is going to be: do 5-10 minutes of Pilates Mat work every day. Joseph Pilates gave the Mat work exercises to his clients as homework. To maintain the work they did in the studio on the equipment. I figure 10 minutes is the least I can do for my optimal health. I figure it will be great for both my mind and body to cultivate a Pilates habit.

So that’s what I am going to do. Are wondering what 5 minutes of Pilates a day will actually do? Do you think it’s too short of a workout to be effective? This is  what I think I will gain by doing this:

  • A stronger core which will keep my back strong and injury-free
  • Ability to move with more ease
  • Better sleep
  • Increased energy
  • Motivation to eat healthy and stay fit
  • A clear mind

I’m sure the list will grow. If you want to join me, let me know! There are some videos on this blog from my You Tube channel that offer some quick and effective workouts you can do at home- try them out and see how you feel with 5-10 minutes of Pilates in your life.

Let me know what your New Year’s resolution will be!

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