March MATness 2015!



March MATness, now in its 3rd year, is coming to Kara Bligh Pilates!

March MAtness is the brainchild of Pilates Instructor Benjamin Degenhardt and it is an annual global awareness campaign to promote the Pilates Mat work. Every day in March I will post one Mat exercise with a little description and instruction.

Get ready my friends………

We will start March 1st with the Hundred. Now, I know you will want to get in on the action, so why not play along with me?

Each day when a new exercise is posted, do that exercise that day. That’s right, just one exercise a day. It will take only seconds!! It’s all about movement…movement in our bodies will create movement in our lives, our thoughts, our moods. And you may just start a Pilates habit!

These Mat exercises are accessible to everyone, amazing in their simplicity and so incredibly effective. Nothing required- just you and your mat!

Check back in March 1st!!

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