Lean & Green!


If you’re like me, you are busy, you’ve got a million things going on and your health and fitness are important to you. But you’re so busy, it’s hard to fit it all in and be consistent.
I can help! I am going to share with you the knowledge and tools needed to change your habits, feel energized and get stronger in as little as 10 minutes a day. Sound to good to be true? Let me fill you in……
I run an online coaching group called Eat Pray Pilates, where we focus on doing time efficient exercise along with fueling our bodies and mind to create the best versions of ourselves. I coach the members to become mindful of their behaviors and habits and together we create results that are totally sustainable.
The Lean & Green Challenge will give you a taste of that- literally! I am going to show you how to add superfood greens to smoothies to boost your nutrition along with super quick, intense workouts that make being consistent so doable.
This FREE challenge starts May 23rd and I want you to join us!
Here’s what you get when you join:
*3 instructional smoothie videos + smoothie recipes
*A PDF shopping list so you can prep for the challenge
*4 workout videos; I designed these workouts to be quick but intense and able to be done anywhere so they are easy to squeeze in to your day.
*Accountability and encouragement through our private FB group
*Full email and social media support throughout the challenge
Don’t be surprised if you also get:
*Renewed energy
*Radiant skin
*Weight loss
*Muscles….just in time for summer!
*Improved sleep
*Motivation to keep going!!
Use these 7 days as an opportunity to jump start your health and create some great habits…just in time for summer!
Sign up below! Can’t wait for you to join us!

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