Eat . Pray . Pilates – 90 Day Intensive Coaching Program!


….ready to be healthy, fit and strong in 2015?

Do you LOVE Pilates but struggle to stay consistent
with your nutrition and Pilates workouts?

If The Answer Is YES, my 90 Day Online (One on One) Pilates Coaching Program will transform your mind, body and spirit.

This one of a kind online program is designed to provide unique, specialized support and strategies to help you reach your health and fitness goals. I am only accepting 3 clients to be able to offer a truly special level of service.

I believe that Pilates is such beneficial work and truly makes a difference in the way you move your body.  Plus you can do it from home with no equipment which is totally convenient. But I know that it is not always easy to stay consistent. I get it. I used to struggle with falling off the wagon with my diet, not doing my home Pilates workouts and coming up with excuses; family, work, life. Everything was stopping me from getting the health results I really wanted. Deep down inside, I knew I could do better.

I know I’m not alone on this. I frequently receive messages from women asking how they can stay on track with their health and well-being. What changed my life, will change yours as well. I started receiving help and support and I was able to dramatically transform my body and nutritional habits.

Because of this, I’m in the best shape of my life. The good news? I’m going to pay it forward, and help you do the same!

I would like to officially invite you to the Eat, Pray, Pilates 90 day Intensive Coaching Program! Hearing that so many women are struggling with their health sent me on a mission! It was finally time for me to create a Pilates program that will give you a consistent connection to your health, strength and confidence as a woman. I’ll be right beside you, personally walking you through the Eat, Pray, Pilates 90 day Intensive, even on your most chaotic days.



Joseph Pilates created his mat work exercises to “return him to life” from illnesses he suffered as a teenager. He created more than a series of exercises; he created a lifestyle approach with a focus on the mind, body and spirit connection.

This coaching program will do more than just give you workouts. Together we will identify and overcome mindset blocks that have been holding you back and will build effective habits to create a healthy, vibrant, lifestyle where all aspects of your life flow, you feel healthy, energized and strong.

What You Will Get Every Month:

  • A weekly check in with intention and goal setting
  • 2-fun & inspiring 30 minute Pilates workout delivered to your inbox. These strategically designed workouts will work your entire body as you flex, extend, bend and twist your way through the Pilates repertoire no matter what level you are at. The sequence of videos will take you on a fitness journey to build a Pilates habit in your life.
  • 1 -30 minute Private Sessions via Skype. These sessions are customized especially for you and your needs. We will do whatever You want. We can focus on your problem areas. We can perfect your form, we can stretch….we’ll do what your body needs at the time.
  • Personalized coaching & accountability to ensure your success. This is what makes this program unique. I will be your virtual personal Pilates Instructor and coach. I will be with you every step of the way! My goal is to help you, empower you and encourage you, NOT to make you feel guilty!
  • 24/7 unlimited email access to Kara to answer questions and provide support
  • Weekly wellness and fitness tips

Transformation From The Inside Out!


You will also get FREE access to my 4-Week Challenge…EAT, PRAY, PILATES! (Valued At $47) This is a fun 4-week challenge that fits PERFECTLY with the 90 Day Intensive Coaching Program. Because I appreciate you and know it will help you, I’m giving you FREE access just for getting started.

The Eat .Pray. Pilates 90 Day Intensive Coaching Program was created specifically for those of you that:

  • Are tired of not being comfortable in your own skin
  • Have tried and failed at following through with an exercise program
  • Are busy/over-committed and don’t have time to spend hours at a gym
  • Are concerned about your health, energy level and lifestyle
  • Are overwhelmed/confused by all of the ”healthy” advice out there
  • Want to be told exactly what to do to look and feel your best
  • Are serious about making the change you know you need in your life

If you can relate to any of these statements, this program is a perfect fit for you. Join now!


This is an exclusive group for people who are serious about taking action and getting results. We’ll do it together and you will be so happy that you did!!

Once you’ve enrolled I’ll send you a personal welcome email! Congrats on taking action and cheers to an amazing journey together!!



Much Love,

Kara Bligh