3 Ingredients for Fitness Success


Anyone else out there a closet cooking show junkie?

I am. My favorite is the Pioneer Woman. I find it so relaxing to watch someone chopping vegetables and combining ingredients all while in a glorious kitchen, looking fabulous. It gives me cooking inspiration and I even learn a thing or two!

Whether you like to cook or not, I’m sure you know that the necessary ingredients are needed in order to make your dish delicious or disastrous. Who wants to eat a cake with 1 tablespoon of garlic powder? (Confession: I did that once in the middle of my pregnancy; tired and already lacking brain cells- I thought I was grabbing cinnamon until I smelled the garlic that I had poured all over the batter).

Anyway, I am here to tell you the 3 key ingredients for fitness success. Or even success in life for that matter.

They are:

1. Awareness

2. Consistency

3. Mindset

Now, I know you were probably hoping to read that you should eat *this* and do *that*. Or you were hoping find out the best exercise to get great abs- but I tell you this, add these ingredients into the mix of your fitness routine or life and you will not be sorry!

Let’s start with #2, Consistency. We all know in order to be successful, we need to be consistent. Duh.

But did you know that in terms of fitness success, all you need to do is be consistent with moving your body? You might move your body by doing Pilates one day and by going for a walk the next. The next day you are super busy, but you make a point to take the stairs at work and do 25 jumping jacks. It’s not about what or how much, it’s about constantly moving your body. Being active. Consistency will always trump everything else.

Unless you are consistently eating Oreos 3x/day. Not a good thing to be consistent with. Stop spending time worrying about how long your workout is or what you should do. Move your body and keep moving it. A body in motion stays in motion.

Let’s take a look at Awareness and Mindset. They kind of go together, awareness being part of your mindset, but we will discuss them individually.

I want to know, how aware are you of how much time you spend on Facebook/being online? Like exactly how much time…I bet it’s more than you think.

Are you aware  of how much sleep you are getting every night? How good is your sleep?

Are you aware of how much snacking you are really doing? Or how much water you are drinking?

Or how about…..your awareness regarding how consistent you are with your workouts? Have you ever said or thought,

“I just worked out the other day”, when in fact it was last week?

Hey, I get it. I’ve been there, done that.

But awareness can give you the clues as to why you are not succeeding in your fitness/health endeavors. Paying attention to the details and really knowing what’s going on (instead of turning a blind eye) can help you make HUGE progress! Start paying attention, hold yourself accountable and see what happens 🙂

On to mindset…it’s one of my favorite topics right now. Why?

Because it totally fascinates me how messed up our minds are. Just kidding (kind of). What goes on in between our ears has the power to literally make or break us. AND the good news- we have complete control over it!

Our thoughts play a part in the decisions we make, they affect our choices, they justify our actions, they can make us feel guilty or bad about ourselves, etc. They can keep us from moving forward. But, we can break the cycle by becoming AWARE of these limiting thoughts.

We have the power to do this because everything is a choice.

It all depends on what’s going on in your head. Do you make excuses? Does fear of failure stop you? Do you spend a lot of time comparing yourself to others and feeling jealous? Your mind will tell you that workout is too hard, you will look stupid doing it, it’s ok to skip your workout and you deserve all of those brownies. You produce these kinds of thoughts and you have the power to change them. You need to be aware that you have them in the first place. Once you realize that these thoughts are happening, you have a choice; go down the same road and get the same results (or lack there of) OR flip the thought, get them to support you and work in your favor. See how lovely awareness and mindset work together?

So there you have it- my 3 ingredient recipe for success. Apply it your health, your fitness, your life and enjoy a big huge slice of “I Rock” pie. You create it. You deserve it.

Do you have any questions about awareness, consistency or mindset? If you do, I’m sure someone else does too…drop me a comment, I’d love to help! 


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